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We welcome donations of funds, resources, technology and services that empower us to deliver excellent services to our community.

Our services are driven by Kulumbirigin Danggalaba Elders, enacted through the younger generations for the Youth and our country.

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  • Our Impact

    Read our 2022 - 2023 Progress Report here.

Mililma and Nana Mary smiling and clapping. They are standing in front their community center. Red ribbon is mid fall after being cut.

Making a donation

Before you donate, please note that as of May 2023, we do NOT yet have DGR status. This means you will NOT be able to get tax back on your donation.


Gulumoerrgin | My Country

Gulumoerrgin is the trees, the red dirt and blue seas. 

Gulumoerrgin is the sun, the moon and the stars that infinitely surround me. 

Gulumoerrgin is my family, my people and my community. 

Gulumoerrgin is me.

Poem by Mililma May