Kailab Moir aka Palmo Stingah

Kailab Moir aka Palmo Stingah

Kailab Moir "Palmo Stingah" (28/07/2006 - 03/07/2022) will go down history as a icon and legend of Palmerston, Darwin and the county.

Palmo Stingah lives on through his bars and lyricism that captured his world and reflected his insights. He was critical and optimistic; a rose growing from concrete. He did not let his hardships define him, and instead relied on his loved ones and brothers, to give him the strength to power through. 

For those who knew him personally, there is a void that will never be filled. And yet, we can listen to his lyrics to know that he would want us to be on our own come up. 

In his lifetime and now spirit form, Kailab is empowering generations of young people to follow their dreams and make the most of the time they have with loved ones. 

To help us get Stingah a headstone, please donate to https://stingahsheadstone.com/


Palmo Stingah Tracklist 

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