• Why Activist Mililma May Changed Her Vote On The Voice

    On this week’s episode of Blak Matters, Mililma joins Teela and MC and speaks about her work, her own experience of being arrested during a peaceful protest, and her journey in changing her vote in the referendum on the First Nations Voice to Parliament.

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  • Miss Information get some Voice advice from Mililma May | The Point | NITV

    Miss Information sits down with Mililma May to talk about the Voice to Parliament and get some advice for those who aren't sure about it.

    Watch here 
  • ABC Radio Darwin host Liz Trevaskis interviews CEO Mililma May

    Uprising of the People (UP) is a Larrakia owned and operated advocacy organisation.  Since the 2017 Uluru Statement From The Heart, UP has been opposed to a Voice to Parliament, until now.

    Mililma May is the CEO of UP and explains how the organisations 'No' became a 'Yes'

    Listen here 
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Read this open letter from Kulumbirigin Danggalaba leaders who are fighting to protect country.

Open Letter by Mililma May

Media Release 7 July 2023

Cotton On Foundation donates to UP

Billawook Gurinyi Community Centre

Our centre is named after our Kulumbirigin Danggalaba matriachal sisters Dedja Billawook Batcho and Dolly Gurinyi Batcho.

In 2020, Uprising of the People Limited led Darwin's biggest Blak Lives Matter protest in history with reports of 2,063 people in attendance.

In 2021, we were arrested for standing up in Parliment House against the punitive Northern Territory Youth Justice Legislation.

Today, we work with Elders and local organisations to share our knowledge for better First Nations education, use our voice to advocate for change and provide programs to empty youth detention centres and keep our kids off the streets.

Gulumoerrgin aka Darwin

This map shows our geographic location in the Top End of Australia.

Gulumoerrgin is the Indigenous language for Darwin and the surrounding regions of Cox Peninsula and Gunn Point in the Northern Territory.

Our Stories

The Kulumbirigin Danggalaba are the Traditional Owners and descendants of Traditional Owners of Gulumoerrgin now known as Larrakia Country or Darwin.

In 1973, Dolly Gurinyi Batcho and Victor Williams, along with Bobby Secretary visited our sacred site at Emery Point for the first time since army occupation.

This event took place in the early days of the Land Claim movement that then evolved into Land Rights.

Our Language

Members of the language group, Lorraine Williams, Judith Williams, Maureen Ogden led the development of the Gulumoerrgin (Larrakia) seasonal calendar.

Dalba Larrakia Baby was created by the Larrakia Minbeni Rangers. It’s written in English and Larrakia; one of the local languages spoken in the Darwin region

Video from our CEO - 'Rest as Resistance'