Uprising of the People Ltd (UP) is a Kulumbirigin Danggalaba owned and run non-for-profit organisation based on Kulumbirigin Country (Darwin, NT Australia).

Elders + Young People + Country

. We know that the relationships between Elders, Young People and Country, must be rebuilt and strengthened if we are going to address the problems colonisation has caused.

Photo of Father and Daughter standing in front of street art that reads "our land: you will know who belongs to our land by looking into their eyes". Next to the text is an image of the Larrakia flag.

gwalwa daraniki (our land)

you will know who belongs to the land by looking into their eyes.

  • 2022 - 2023 Progress Report

    We are excited to share our inital progress report.

    Over the last 6 months we have launched our website, found our own space - Billawook Community Center and built our first youth program.

    Read more about our work here:

    2022 - 2023 Progress Report

  • Our Constitution

    We value transparency at UP.

    As a not for profit, we want our community and the public to know the structure of our organisation.

    Read our Constitution 
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Our Logo

The font is inspired by the font used by the BUNJI newspaper in the 70s-80s. BUNJI was the local grassroots paper used to tell the world about the land rights struggle in Kulaluk, NT.

The wave represents the Kulumbirigin Danngalaba people and our country; tropical salt-water country.

The three lines are a homage to the 3 branches of the banyan tree in the Larrakia Flag. The three lines also represent our multi-generational community working together to build our thriving community.

We love our new design.