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  • Elders in Residence

    EiR is designed to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families from the ground up. The program is offering knowledge sharing, mentoring and support to nurture, empower and rebuild our people.

    For non-Indigenous people, the EiR program encourages institutions and organisations to level up and engage in truth telling about Kulumbirigin Country.

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  • Why activist Mililma May changed her vote on the voice

    On this episode of Blak Matters, the CEO of Uprising of the People, speaks with Teela & MC about her work, her own experience of being arrested during a peaceful protest, and her journey in changing her vote in the referendum on the First Nations Voice to parliament.

    Listen here 
  • It's official: The Voice referendum is on

    Australians are one step closer to voting on an Indigenous Voice to Parliament with the Senate passing the laws required to put on the referendum.

    For the Voice to be enacted, more than half of Australians will have to vote "yes" nationwide and four out of six of the states will also have to have a "yes" majority.

    We speak to First Nations people with different views on the Voice

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  • Better Together with Tahnee Maxwell

    Journalism student at Griffith University interviews our CEO Mililma May about COVID vaccines in the NT.

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  • Hack on Triple J - NT Youth Justice Laws

    The Northern Territory government has suggested harsh new measures to crack down on juvenile offenders.

    Interview with CEO Mililma May about youth justice laws in NT.

    Listen in from 16 mins here 
  • Hack on Triple J - BLM

    It's been a year since the words "I can't breathe" were broadcast around the world, as George Floyd was murdered by a police officer.

    It sparked a huge movement which is still going - but has it changed anything for First Nations people in Australia.

    Listen here 
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All our work is done on Country with community, for our Country and community.

We want to thank everyone who has supported us, walked with us and allowed us to share our knowledge with you.

Our relationships with one another is what allows us to nurture the significant relationships between Elders, Country and Young People.